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Collection: Juice 'Sea' Juice Sea Moss Infused Juice

 Juice is good for...
*Replenishing vitamins and minerals
*Eliminating toxins and waste from the body
*Gain energy
*Gut health
*Adding sea moss gives your juice a nutritional BOOST with 92 additional minerals. Sea Moss helps you feel full longer, aids in the detoxification process as well as provides natural energy. 
Juice may come frozen. Thaw as needed in the refrigerator. Shake well as settling may occur. 

Our juices are preservative free and will last up to 12 days unopened and refrigerated and 30 days frozen.
Delicious Options 
Strawberry Hibiscus Lemon Tea (Immune Health)
(Spring Water, Strawberries, Lemons, Hibiscus Tea, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Moss) 

Black Magic Activated Charcoal Lemonade(Detoxifying)
(Spring Water, Lemons, Activated Charcoal, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Moss) 
Pineapple Ginger( Gut Health)
(Spring Water, Pineapple, Ginger, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Moss) 

**Every Bottle has 1 healthy scoop of sea moss for added nutrition!