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Collection: Wholesale (Sea Moss)

Ready to start your sea moss business? Well lets grow together! Its no coincidence that you landed on this page. IT'S TIME you started your journey to entrepreneurship and  financial freedom! Selling sea moss is a tier 1 business vehicle that has gained popularity within the past few years. It's a full circle industry that truly helps both the business ( Income) and the consumer(health)!     

Our Whole Leaf Jamaican Irish Moss Sea Moss is wild harvested from most fertile environment in the Caribbean; in Jamaica in unpolluted warm waters. Reefs are protected and products are 100% pure, raw, and organic. We are confident that we have some of the best sea moss on the market at affordable prices so your business will most defiantly make a profit! 

We do not buy/sell pool grown sea moss. We make and sell the same sea moss my family consumes on a daily basis. 

Wholesale gold sea moss is available in 1, 3, or 5 lbs. Please contact us for larger sizes. Wholesale sea moss cannot ship to a PO Box due to the size of the order.

Just 6 oz. of dried sea moss can make up to 72 oz. of gel so just imagine how much 1 lb or more will yield. 

Due to the volume of orders please allow up to 14 days for processing

Condition: Dried with sand and debris 

Source: Jamaica

Type: Golden Sea Moss 

How to prepare your sea moss

Step 1: Put your dried sea moss in a strainer rinse with spring water until sand is off add your moss to a container and vigorously clean your moss carefully removing any and all ocean particles. Dump water and repeat until you moss is free and clear of ocean particles.  

Step 2: In the same container, pour fresh spring water over sea moss until it covers the top of the moss.

Step 3 (optional): Slice a key lime or a regular lime and add to sea moss and spring water( This makes it more alkaline and helps alleviate the ocean taste)

Step 4: Cover and let soak in the fridge over night or at least 12 hours

Making your gel

Step 1: Add sea moss to a HIGH SPEED blender, Cover half way with spring water. Blend until you get your desired consistency adding water as needed. 

Making the perfect batch of sea moss gel requires trial and error, time, and consistency. I would suggest starting with a small amount if this will be your first experience with making sea moss gel.

Good Luck!