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Sea Moss Gel (wholesale)
Sea Moss Gel (wholesale)
Sea Moss Gel (wholesale)
Sea Moss Gel (wholesale)

Sea Moss Gel (wholesale)

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All gels are packaged in a 16 oz food grade container with no label (so you can add your own branded label) 

Gels are all the same flavor per 10,20, or 30 count

Gels are shipped in an insulated bag with ice packs to keep gels cool during transport and priority shipping for fast delivery. Free Shipping

Upon arrival, gels may be room temperature and that’s ok! Refrigerate for 3-4 hours before opening and consuming 

Gels should last 3-4 weeks refrigerated and up to 3 months frozen. 

suggested retail price $35

10 gels $150 at $35 a jar $350

20 gels $300 at $35 a jar $525

30 gels $450 at $35 a jar $1,050


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Sea Moss Gel (wholesale)