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Sea Moss Business Mentorship

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What you get...

Access to me for 30 days (Phone and Email) (Questions and problems you might run into)

Although you will have access to me for 30 days its not 24 hour access. If I don't respond immediately please look for a response within the hour after contact. 

Basic gel recipe (Step by Step) and how to infuse herbs/fruit and what fruits NOT to use. 

Packaging (Where I get all my packaging and how to package so you items won't spoil in transit)


How to make sea moss juice (Step by Step)

Please be sure to leave your email and phone number when you sign up for this service. You will receive a email from me after enrolling for next steps so be sure to add you email.

After signing up I will contact you via email to better introduce myself and offer next steps and also set up our first video or voice call! 

**I only mentor 10 people each month so don't delay or you would have to wait for the next 30 day cycle.**

**Every cycle starts and ends every 1st of the month**